Burning Bright por Ron Rash

December 9, 2019

Burning Bright por Ron Rash
Titulo del libro : Burning Bright
Autor : Ron Rash
Fecha de lanzamiento : August 18, 2011
Número de páginas : 224
ISBN : 0857861158
Editor : Canongate Books

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Jacob and Edna have fallen on hard times. They haven't lost everything the way others have, but they have lost enough. When one of their hens stops laying eggs, it seems like the final straw. Jacob is determined to solve the mystery. What he discovers is as heartbreaking as it is revelatory. This is just one of the remarkable stories in Burning Bright - an award-winning collection that confirms why Ron Rash has won comparisons with John Steinbeck, Cormac McCarthy and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It is rare that an author can capture the complexities of a place as though it were a person, as Ron Rash does with the rugged, brutal landscape of the Appalachian Mountains. At the same time, again and again he conjures characters that live long in the mind after their stories have been told.