UML 2 For Dummies® (English Edition) por Michael Jesse Chonoles

December 9, 2019

UML 2 For Dummies® (English Edition) por Michael Jesse Chonoles
Titulo del libro : UML 2 For Dummies® (English Edition)
Autor : Michael Jesse Chonoles
Fecha de lanzamiento : May 29, 2007
Número de páginas : 436
Editor : For Dummies

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  • Uses friendly, easy-to-understand For Dummies style to help readers learn to model systems with the latest version of UML, the modeling language used by companies throughout the world to develop blueprints for complex computer systems
  • Guides programmers, architects, and business analysts through applying UML to design large, complex enterprise applications that enable scalability, security, and robust execution
  • Illustrates concepts with mini-cases from different business domains and provides practical advice and examples
  • Covers critical topics for users of UML, including object modeling, case modeling, advanced dynamic and functional modeling, and component and deployment modeling