Mike Trout: A Biography of the All-Star Hitter (English Edition) por Benjamin Southerland

November 13, 2019

Mike Trout: A Biography of the All-Star Hitter (English Edition) por Benjamin Southerland
Titulo del libro : Mike Trout: A Biography of the All-Star Hitter (English Edition)
Autor : Benjamin Southerland
Fecha de lanzamiento : April 10, 2017
Número de páginas : 59

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Learn about the inspirational story of Mike Trout

In Mike Trout: A Biography of the All-Star Hitter you will learn about the life, professional career, and accomplishments of Mike Trout. Mike Trout brought back to baseball everything it had lost when scandals and controversies were in the headlines. This is Trout’s story, about growing up in a small town, and how with hard work and natural ability, he made it to the major leagues. As an Angel, nobody in baseball has played harder, played the right way, or inspired the fans like Trout has. His statistics have him on pace to eclipse legends like Mickey Mantle; he was one of the youngest ever AL MVP recipients; and the highlight package of his work in center field is beaten by no player. Mike Trout is the good guy of baseball and someone who excels in every part of the game. Baseball has gone through some controversial times and has needed someone who not only plays well, but also plays the game the right way, and that is what Mike Trout does. He has had a meteoric rise as baseball’s newest superstar.

Here is a preview of this biography:

  • Mike in Millville
  • MLB 2009 Amateur Draft
  • Dominating the Minors
  • Brief Introduction to the Majors
  • AL Rookie of the Year
  • Walks and Steals
  • MVP, MVP, MVP!
  • All-Star Game MVP, Again
  • Filling the Trout Farm
  • Just Like Mickey Mantle

Here is an excerpt from the book:

It is supposed to be swings of the bat that get players noticed, but Trout used his glove to become someone everyone wanted to see. During 2012, his highlight reel of plays in the field was better than most players’ entire career of plays. Against the Orioles in Baltimore, Trout jumped high, reached out and took a home run away from J.J. Hardy. Gordon Beckham of the White Sox was next; and as well as jumping up to bring back the ball, Trout also had to sprint to get there as it was hit to left-center. Then it was time for his fans in Anaheim to see him in action, and when Seattle’s Miguel Olivo hit the ball 405 feet to center field, where the fence is 400 feet from home plate, Trout not only jumped up to get the catch but also threw to first for a double play. When Detroit’s Prince Fielder hit a shot to center field, it was once again Trout jumping up and reaching over to catch the ball and deny another homer.